28th June 2007

Peter and Suzanne Dignan secure podium in two driver race

Siblings secure third place

In conditions more apt for powerboat racing the sibling partnership from Loughborough - sharing the Luffield MGZR - managed to gain a third in class in the 30 minute, 2 driver, pit stop race. From a field of 44 cars they started 18th on the grid - 8th in class - and in conditions of heavy rain, peter took the car to 4th overall and to 1st in class as the power deficit on the v8 cars was equalised before handing over to Suzy. As the conditions changed lap by lap Suzy did well to keep the car on the track and after a spin and recovery the drivers were please to secure a top ten finish overall and third in class, in what was a dramatic and exciting race.

Suzanne Dignan at Silverstone

In the pair's individual championships there was mixed fortune. Suzanne had an excellent weekend driving in her first race meeting since winning the 2006 Formula Woman Team Award. A change from the rear wheel drive Caterham Roadsport car to a front wheel drive Luffield MGZR proved quite a challenge, made even more demanding in the alternating wet and damp condition that prevailed throughout the weekend. In the first race on Saturday, she made good progress whilst learning the new skills and techniques. On the Sunday, in a totally wet race, her patience and previous experience paid off, and she secured the fastest lap of the race for her class, beating the other 6 male competitors.

Peter Dignan at Silverstone

Peter Dignan, now residing in Wimbledon, had the better weather of the two and qualified in dry conditions 4th in class despite breaking the dif on the 4th lap of qualifying. The race was just as eventful as Peter battled race long to hold the 4th place in qualifying against heavy pressure from the 40bhp and 90kg he was giving away to the rest of the class. After a nine lap battle Peter managed to get the 4th place back on the last corner and secure a succesful points haul for the championship.

Their next two events are at Cadwell Park and at Snetterton, where they plan to build on their success at Silverstone.